How do you choose your sitters?

All of our sitters are known to the owners of Sayulita Babysitters personally. They all have extensive childcare experience. 

Is there a minimum number of hours?

Yes, there is a 4 hour minimum at each visit.

Is there ant penalty for canceling ?

Yes, canceling needs to be done 24 hrs before the service. If not the deposit will be not returned. 

is transportation included?

The service is included at Sayulita or San Pancho. After 11:00pm parents need to pay for taxi.                                NOTE: If the property is really far away from town or hard to get to, there will be a extra cost for transportation.

do you have service at pv?

Yes, sitters can go all the way to PV, Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, Punta Mita. Note: there is a extra fee for tranportation.

can the sitter stay the night over?

Yes, sitters can stay over. The hourly rate for sleeping over is 15dll starting when kids are asleep and ending when they wake up.

Please let us now one day in advance the date you'll require this service.

can theY DRIVE?

Golf carts, yes.

are they cpr trained?

Currently 80% of our babysitters are CPR trained.

what if i want the same babysitter each time?

Parents have the ability to favorite a sitter after a booking is complete. A favorite sitter means that if they are available they will be the first to be matched to you.

do i need to tip?

No ,and sitters do not expect this. Although if you would like to, a tip based on the quality of service you felt you received is usually a good way to determine tip amount.

What type of payment do you accept?

We prefer US dollars, but Pesos are ok, payable at the end of each service.  We also accept Paypal payments. Paypal will charge 6.8% comission, please add this extra to the total.


When do i pay?

The best way is to wait until last day of service. We have a 2 Days of tolarance after last day of service. If  not  there will be 20 dll penalty fee for each day the desposit isnt made.

what is the exchange rate?

We use the app XE Currency. Also you can get in contact with us and we can provide this information. 

do sitters bring crafts and toys?

Yes, sitters bring some toys or crafts according to child(ren) age(s).


Can I meet the sitter early to get to know them before I leave them with children?

On her first visit your babysitter will arrive 15 minutes early, free of charge, to spend some time with your children while you are present. This is a good time to discuss any instructions such as feeding, potty-training, bedtime routines, etc.

Can the sitter go in the pool with my children?

Our sitters are all experienced swimmers. They will always have their bathing suits with them, and will be happy to join your children in the pool with your permission.

Am i responsible for providing meals?

If your sitter is working more than 4 hours families are responsible for offering meals and water to our sitters.

how do i comunicate with my sitter?

Once you have confirmed your booking you are provided with the sitters telephone number so you are able to directly call or text them.

Why can't the sitter go into the ocean with my children?

The ocean is unpredictable with waves, heavy currents, coral and rocks. The ocean can be very dangerous for children, especially those who are not used to swimming in the open ocean all the time.

Why should I give a public review?

We know that sometimes reviews can be time consuming but the main reason is to help fellow parents. By giving reviews it allows everyone else to see how great your experience was and helps other parents feel confident in booking a sitter.

WhERE should I give a public review?