Our nannies are: • Experienced • Bilingüal • Adults • CPR trained Hours of service: For hotel babysitting and event childcare please consider booking a sitter at least 24 hours or more in advance. Our sitters are available for overnight shifts. Minimum hours required: 4 hours in all services. Cancellation policy: In case of cancellation, the parent / guardian must inform 24 hours before the scheduled service time. If not so, there will be a 75usd penalty fee Booking process: In order to book we ask for a 78 USD deposit from which 75 USD will be taken as a credit at the end of the service. Payments can be made to our PayPal account info@sayulitababysitting.com Payment: The payment must be paid on the last day of service directly via PayPal to our account info@sayulitababysitting.com Paypal charges 5% comission, which has to be added to the total for the service. In the event of any unforeseen eventuality for which the parent / guardian arrives after the scheduled time of service, the parent / guardian accepts responsibility for paying the additional charge (the fraction of an hour is paid as one full hour). Sayulita - San Pancho area Rates: 1-2 child(ren) $ 20 usd per hour 3-4 children $ 30 usd per hour 4+ children $ 40 usd per hour extra babysitter $10 usd per hour *Prices may vary depending on the age of children and number of sitters required. For services on Holidays the rate increases by 50%. NOTE: The cost of the taxi will be covered by the parent / guardian in all services that end after 11:00 p.m. Punta de Mita - Bucerías area Hourly Rates: We require a 4 hour minimum with our sitters. Please note that prices below include transport to and from the location, we are a Sayulita based company which is located 30 min away from Punta de Mita. 1 - 2 Child(ren) : $30 USD per hour 3 - 4 Children: $40 USD per hour 5 + Children: $50 USD per hour *Extra babysitter $10 USD per hour *Prices may vary depending on the age of children and number of sitters required. *For services on Holidays the rate increases by 50%. The parent / guardian of the minor(s) certifies that he / she understands and accepts the following conditions: 1. The company "Sayulita Babysitting" provides exclusively hosting services, therefore, the nanny service provided is under the absolute responsibility from the father / tutor. 2. "Sayulita Babysitting" is committed to doing its best to locate the appropriate nanny for the care and needs of the child(ren) based on what is requested. 3. The custody of the minor(s) even under normal circumstances implies some risks, therefore, in the event of an accident or an emergency, the parent / guardian authorizes "Sayulita Babysitting" take the most convenient and pertinent actions without any legal or financial responsibility. 4. The parent / guardian understands that the services provided by the nannies related to "Sayulita Babysitting" shall be contracted through our website or email directly. 5. The parent / guardian agrees to indemnify, demarcate and exempt from any liability to "Sayulita Babysitting" its agents, collaborators and directors for any claim related to the services provided by the nannies. 6. The parent / guardian understands that the babysitter is not allowed to leave the property with the child (ren) without the permission granted by the parent / guardian and the consent of the Resort. 7. For the services 4hr or longer, parents are responsible to provide meal to a sitter. 8. In case of having to feed the child (ren), the parent / guardian will provide the babysitter designated by "Sayulita Babysitting” with the appropriate food in sufficient quantity, as well as the written instructions of each when the food will have to be administered to the minor (s). 9. The parent / guardian will leave the nanny complete information of where it can be located and in the same way any change will have to report. 10. The babysitting service may be performed in other areas of the Resort (except in the ocean) only through a written authorization from the parent / guardian. 11. The child(ren) does not suffer from any illness or is under any medical treatment that requires supervision or special care. 12. In the event that a minor(s) damages the furniture and / or equipment owned by the Resort; The parent / guardian will take responsibility for paying damages to the Resort.
The babysitter is authorized to leave the suite with the child(ren): *
I authorize the babysitter to order food and drinks requested by my child(ren) *
I authorize them to change clothes to my child(ren) if necessary.
I declare to be the parent or guardian of the children mentioned above. *
The information that I present here in this contract, I declare that it is reliable and truthful *
As a parent or guardian, I was given babysitter service contract which I know, read, understood and accept the terms and conditions. *